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Our mission is to empower the next wave of digital health technologies improving social and political determinants of health.

We are a decentralized boutique venture studio that has created access to top tier knowledge, resources and leaders often only found in expensive seat limited accelerators and studios for a fraction of the cost and no equity stake.

Our memberships serve as a launch pad for early stage founders to get to market faster, with stronger products and access to top talent and networks wherever you are in your journey.


$ 1.00 USD
Access to Industry Insight Blog
Access to Research Sources
Quarterly Newsletter
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$ 295.00 USD
Everything Researcher
Access to DHR Sway Community
Unlimited Community Connection Requests
Access to Exclusive Community Events
Access to Community Job Board
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$ 795.00 USD
Everything Connector
Access to DHR Courses & Materials
Access to DHR Industry Database
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10% of funds go to support early-stage founders in our network
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Frequently Asked Question

What are the exclusive community events?

We host events to connect people within our community virtually and in-person. These events are held globally, in private venues and are not solely focused around alcohol but interests like art, sports, culture, music and more.

How can I connect with other community members?

How will introductions work? 🤝Everyone has a unique link in the CRM assigned to their signup email. This unique link allows for others to request introductions to them. The intro request comes in to me, Blair Hirst (Founder of DHR & Sway), and I usually quickly approve assuming it’s appropriate and has the right detail. Thereafter, once the person accepts, you both are automatically connected!

What is included in the courses and materials?

Our courses and materials focus on learnings from industry vets. We produce courses on product strategy, go-to-market strategies, actionable frameworks, case studies on successful founders/investors/businesses, and materials such as infographics, advanced modeling tools and more.

What can I Iearn from DHR's industry database?

Our database chronicles health tech company profiles, research, industry leaders, founder resources and opportunities (ie. jobs, grants, accelerators, fellowships, founders raising rounds, etc). Come to us to uncover cross category trends and white space, ideal industry partnerships, pricing strategies, consumer equity and regulatory benchmarks.

Our database offers competitive, business and consumer intelligence that helps you build and launch better solutions for all.

How does my Builder membership help the community?

10% of funds from each builder membership will fund the DHR fund, Homage. That means your membership goes into investing in the founders within our community and you get equity capital in their success. We pay it forward and support our own around here.

Why is the community invite only?

For now, we are optimizing for quality and value. We can provide the best quality in our membership by shepherding high value relationships and opportunities with soft introductions among a close knit of doers. We're going slow to learn fast.

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