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Digital Health's Equity-Minded Community of leaders building with influence and intent

New to us? Learn what Sway is and how you can best engage 🤙🏽


----- Sway is the spiciest Healthcare Community. We'll meet up in-person once-a-quarter and also have additional, more focused meetup opportunities (e.g., topic-based quarterly dinner series, founder-only events, etc.)

----- Sway is for: (1) Health-tech/digital health/healthcare services builders only , (2) Providers, Investors, Founders, Operators, Researchers, & Policy Makers (4) People w/ 4+ years leadership experience.

----- Sway is free now but likely won’t be forever.

----- *NEW* Sway is open to collaborating on “bespoke” events for companies that clearly add value to our focused ecosystem.

Whose in our crew? As of 2023 … 👩🏾👩🧑🏻🦰 🧑🏽👩🏾🧑🏻

----- 25% Investors (mostly Early-Stage and Multi-Stage VCs)

----- 25% Founders (mostly Pre-Seed and Seed, Some A or B, B+)

----- 50% Operators, Providers, Policymakers & Researchers

How can I best engage with the community? Once you’re in …

----- 🗓 Come to quarterly meetups. These are open to all and often sponsored by a Fund/Company.

----- 🙌 Founders: Come to Founder-only meetups.

----- 🪃 Use the CRM to get double-opt-in intros to anyone else in the community. Use this for sales, partnerships, recruiting and more!

----- 💰 Have your company/fund sponsor an event: Quarterly meetup, founder-only event, or bespoke event

----- 📣 Create your own activity/event that Sway will promote: Sway Members promote their own personal events, newsletters, publications, poker games, running clubs, etc. — so long as they’re healthcare-people-specific. (You can also promote your company/fund’s events)

----- 📣 Use Sway to look for your next role or recruit for an open role: Our jobs board helps folks discover health equity minded companies and top-notch candidates.

How will introductions work? 🤝

Everyone has a unique link in the CRM assigned to their signup email. This unique link allows for others to request introductions to them .

The intro request comes in to me, Blair Hirst (Founder of DHR & Sway), and I usually quickly approve assuming it’s appropriate and has the right detail. Thereafter, once the person accepts, you both are automatically connected!

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